Relocation Support

Relocation Support

Four Seasons relocation support services has been developed for clients who desire a non-cumbersome process of relocating back to Nigeria primarily or other West African countries. This initiative also provides an online service developed in such a way that clients can seamlessly complete an online form, selecting specific services they are interested in. Our services cover identifying suitable accommodation, logistics, home removal services, private schools, business premises and much more. Clients can fill forms in link below and send to us.

How We Move

We Contacts You

Upon receiving your moving request, our customer service team calls you to confirm and clarify your request.


Items Inspection

Upon confirmation of your moving request, we book for inspection for proper analysis of items to be moved.


Upon inspection (local move) or understanding on the items to be moved (Interstate moves), a price is agreed on for the move.


We send packing materials a day before packing (local move) or on the day of the move (long distance move).We pack and move on the agreed date

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we carry out in-house estimates. It is the best way to accurately determine your belongings and also the cost of the move.

Yes you will get the full list of all your possessions and belongings before and after the move. We itemize your belongings and provide you with a complete list before and after the move.

We will work with other professional movers to ensure you have a quick and stress-free move.

Our professional moving team of movers and packers pad furniture with a durable stretch wrap that protects it while still letting your furniture and equipment breathe.

Yes. We offer the premium “quick service” which comes at an added cost.

Ready to make that move!!!